United Way Overview

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United Ways are independent nonprofits that bring together people and organizations to focus on innovative solutions to local challenges.  The work of United Ways and their partners positively impacts the lives of millions every year, and strives to go beyond a temporary fix by focusing on lasting, systemic change.  The impact of United Way in each community is significant, and because we are part of a network of nearly 1,800 United Way organizations around the world – over 80 in Texas – our local impact is part of global change as well.  Around the world, the work of United Ways is accomplished through the passion of 2.8 million volunteers, and the generosity of 9.8 million donors who give their time, their money and their voice to improve the lives of others.

United Ways focus on education, financial stability and health, the building blocks for a good life and a strong community.

Every day, our volunteers, donors and advocates are improving peoples’ lives in so many different ways. That can mean helping a child learn to read, donating money to make sure people have access to quality medical care, speaking out in support of policies that provide training for in-demand jobs and so much more.

Local United Ways focus their work on their own community’s needs, raise resources to support that local work, and are accountable to people from that same community. In Texas, United Ways work with individuals, businesses, school districts, private foundations, the public sector, and more.  This is one of United Way’s greatest strengths: bringing local communities together to address local problems.

"What does United Way do?" from United Way of Smith County