Member Services


UWT prides itself in its 70 member United Way organizations located all across our great state. From the Texas Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, United Way organizations are impacting communities statewide producing lasting change and measurable results. As a statewide association serving local United Way organizations, United Ways of Texas is responsible for providing our members with high quality member services including:

  • Information and Resources

  • E-Communications

  • Training and Development

  • Public Policy 

  • Statewide Initiatives

Everything we do is for our members. From lobbying at the Capitol to capturing private dollars for further investment into member communities, we work hard to serve our members with both traditional and non-traditional member services. 

To become a United Ways of Texas member requires a limited investment while yielding a high return. If your United Way would like to join the 70 other United Way organizations throughout the state of Texas in becoming a member of UWT, please complete the membership form below and fax, email or mail in your United Way's completed form.

UWT Membership Form

Nancy Thornton, VP of Finance and Administration
701 Brazos Street, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701